"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance"

--James Madison--

"The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries, but between authoritarians and libertarians"

--George Orwell--

The Declaration of Constitution--Epilogue

The Declaration of Constitution

An American Historical story

Liberals Are Liars

"You're watching the Historical Channel. It's time for everybody's favorite historical show for conservatives, 'The Lost History of America'. But first, a word from our sponsors."

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"Good evening. My name is Karl Will, Jr, and this is 'The Lost History of America'. In tonight's episode, which is called 'Seditious Aliens', we will recount President John Adams' valiant efforts to protect the country from illegals and liberals.

But first, a word about last week's episode 'The Declaration of Constitution". Some liberal eggheads at some fancy pants university are telling the liberal media that they examined the letters of Hamilton Adams, and found them to be forgeries. 
They said that the pages were just low quality copier paper that had been sprayed with water and lemon juice and dried out in the oven to make them look old. They said that the notations were in ball point pen.

I say, 'bullpucky!'. We here at the National Association of Smart Conservatives and Republicans hired real historical experts to examine the letters. They are authentic, according to the experts that we hired.

Not only that, but we found corroboration for the story. One of our historical experts was at a taping of the Antiques Road Show recently. Gotta keep an eye on those commies at PBS. A nice old lady had a genuine James Madison cookie jar. The commie from PBS told her that it was worthless junk. Our historical expert took a look at it. It was authentic! Right on the bottom, it said 'James Madison's Cookie Jar'. Those PBS jerks aren't the brightest bunch, y'know. Upon closer inspection, there turned out to be a secret compartment hidden in a false bottom. Inside were several dozen small rectangles of very old paper with writing on them. The Declaration of Constitution! At least the parts that Madison didn't smoke.

Our experts assure us that it's all genuine proof of treachery on the part of liberals and PINOs (Patriots In Name Only), and further proof of the elitist liberal leanings of the mainstream historical educational establishment.

We'll be back with the extraordinary historical story of bravery by President Adams, Seditious Aliens, right after these messages. This is Karl Will, Jr, and you're watching 'The Lost History Of America'"

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