"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance"

--James Madison--

"The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries, but between authoritarians and libertarians"

--George Orwell--

The No Solution Solution

Letting the Republicans hijack the government completely again, as has been suggested many times around here, without first doing the groundwork of at least trying to craft an alternative may very well result in change.  It won't be positive, it'll hurt you as much as anyone else (unless you are planning to be one of the snitches/secret police), but at least you'll learn what fascism actually is.

It's true that big business has always had a hand in establishing and funding fascist regimes.  It is just as true that they almost always regret it later.

It's also true that big business and big money has great influence over every government of every country on earth.  Don't kid yourselves.  Countries like Sweden and Switzerland only demonstrate that, under certain conditions, big business can be cajoled into sharing a small part of the booty with the people, or at least allow the people to tax themselves to the point of appearing to give a shit.

Our government isn't fascist...yet.  Those who say it is seem to want it to be so, which is an attainable goal that the Democrats, once again, won't deliver to you.  

That's because economic policy is secondary and incidental to fascism.  First and foremost is authoritarian rule.  The absolute crushing of dissent.  If most of you wrote in Mussolini's Italy or Franco's Spain what you write routinely about our current government, you wouldn't be writing for long.

Under Mussolini, a public hanging would be the most likely outcome.  Under Franco, you might have been lucky enough to be assigned to a labor camp to starve to death (but you'd be helping the country rebuild its infrastructure!).  More likely, though, you would have been marched out to a gravesite, forced to dig your own grave, and then executed by firing squad.

You haven't seen that happen here, because this isn't a fascist government or society.  This isn't authoritarian rule.

This is fascism:


Not this:

Or even this:

But if we let this happen:

Then we are likely letting this happen:

The Republican Party is full of wannabe Francos, Mussolinis and Hitlers.  They don't trust dissenters.  They want to get rid of the unholy, the dissidents, anyone who challenges their dogma. 

The Democrats may not deliver your wish list, ever.  They may not ever deliver anything useful to you, but dole out your money to Wall Street and the oligarchy.

But they don't want to put you in a labor camp, either.

Many Republican leaders do.  If only you would give them a chance.  Which many of you seem to want to do.

They'll be happy to provide you with a solution.  A permanent solution for both you and society.

You will deserve it.  I won't.