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It's Always Judgment Day Somewhere

(By JMadison.  Originally posted at the Smirking Chimp Friday, May 20th, 2011)

What time zone does Jesus use?

As you've probably heard, radio preacher Harold Camping has predicted that Judgment Day will commence at 6pm today, May 21st, 2011.

But 6pm where? You've heard it said that "It's always 5 o'clock somewhere". Well, then, is it always Judgment Day somewhere? I would like to know what time zone.

What if it's already past 6pm in Jeeziz' time zone, but it isn't 6pm yet here (Mountain Daylight Time)? Well? I don't want to get caught with my pants down, y'know?

So, 6pm where?

Or will Jeeziz come by and visit us in each time zone as it becomes 6pm?

They interviewed Camping on Nightline last night, but they didn't ask about the time zone thing. Stupid mainstream media.

At least he has the balls to call a date and time. Most doomsayers aren't that specific. It's easy to say that the stock market will crash or the world will burst into flames or whatever at some point in the future. You can even say that it's going to happen "soon".

But once you've put a date and time on it, you own it! The world better frikkin' end at 6pm on Saturday! Otherwise, it could be kind of embarrassing.

I mean, really, what's he going to say if Jeeziz doesn't start scooping up souls tonight? He wouldn't even entertain the question during the Nightline interview.

Millions, maybe thousands, of people are counting on the world ending tonight. Me, I'm not too focused on it.
But I would still like to know. 6pm where?


It's after midnight here now. That was a complete bust. If this was your first Judgment Day, please don't be discouraged. They're usually much better than this.

These fundienut non-denominational bible thumping churches just aren't very good at organizing a decent apocalypse.