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Presidential Trivia

First posted at The Smirking Chimp, January 8, 2008

Here's a little fun. Too much NH coverage today. My head is spinning. How about a trivia quiz? Make your guesses and post your answers now, and I'll provide the answers later.
Who was the first President to have articles of impeachment against him presented for a vote in the House?
Who was the first President to propose (and offer a very detailed proposal at that) universal health insurance, and an "old age pension"?
Which 3 Presidents refused to declare a religious affiliation of any kind?
Who was the first President to wear trousers while in office?
Who was the first President to die in office?
Who was the first person under the age of 50 to serve as President?
Who was the last President to wear facial hair (besides sideburns)?
Who was the only President that made his living as a tradesman?
Who was the only President to have ever been arrested while in office?
What Christian denomination have the most Presidents been members of?
OK. That's 10 questions. If anyone is at all interested, I'll post another 10 sometime.


The Answers:
John Adams
Teddy Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Johnson
James Madison
William Henry Harrison
JK Polk
William Howard Taft
Andrew Johnson
I made a boo-boo on question 9. Actually, 2 Presidents have been arrested while in office, both by D.C. police, and both for, essentially, drunk driving:
Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B Hayes.