"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance"

--James Madison--

"The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries, but between authoritarians and libertarians"

--George Orwell--

I Already Voted, Dammit!

I don't watch a lot of TV.  I never listen to commercial radio anymore.  But I do like to watch the local news at 10, and, on occasion, a football game.  Not a huge fan, but it's enjoyable sometimes, and it is cool when you live in a city that has a good team.

So, last night, while watching the Denver Broncos trash the San Francisco 49'ers (during which game Peyton Manning broke the all time NFL record for touchdown passes), I was assaulted at every commercial break:

"Fracking is good--vote against this fracking ban"

"Fracking is bad--vote for the fracking ban"

"My opponent is a fascist warmonger who wants to kick your granny out in the street and infect her with Ebola, take her to the hospital, then shove her out a window.  Vote For Me"

"My opponent is a socialist nazi who wants to take away every cent you've ever earned and give it to smelly brown people, almost all of whom are illegals.  Vote For Me!"

After a couple of rounds of this abuse, I got tired of it, but still wanted to watch the game.  So I turned the sound down, and turned on "Metal Express" on the internet radio.  Heavy metal music actually goes better with football than the endless insipid commentary, anyway.  As long as you can still see the bodies crunch  in HD.

Then it occurred to me--I shouldn't have to do this.  I already voted, dammit!

Your political ads have no effect on me--I already voted!

Denver has had mail in elections for 12 years now, and Colorado has mandated it now for all counties.  This, of course, has Republicans and other right wingnut types quite distressed that illegal aliens will register under dozens of aliases so they can vote numerous times for Democrats who will pass legislation ensuring that said illegals live a life of luxury on the public dime without working.

The fact that neither of these things ever comes to pass never changes the narrative.

Anyway, back to political ads (as much as $50 per second!).  I thought--"Hey!  Comcast can push movies and pro wrestling to my house on demand--whenever I want them--if I ever should--so why can't they block content on demand?"

Well, you know they could if they wanted to.

They should be required to.  Colorado also has a system for tracking mail in ballots--mine just arrived at the Denver Election Commission this morning.  I can actually prove that I already voted!

This should mean mandatory blocking of all political ads to my cable box.  Unless told otherwise--there may be some sick individuals who enjoy seeing the same dozen ads every commercial break.

'Cause I already voted!

While they're at it, they should also be required to block ads for races in other districts, even if you never vote.  I can't vote for either candidate in the 2nd District, because I live in the 1st.  Those ads can't sway me, either--'cause I can't vote for either clown!

I demand my on demand political ad blocking NOW!  Not just for me, but for everyone else who...ALREADY VOTED!