"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance"

--James Madison--

"The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries, but between authoritarians and libertarians"

--George Orwell--

You Just Might Be A Loser

A loser is someone who blames all of their problems on people and institutions over which they lack control.  It's a convenient way of avoiding taking personal responsibility for any of your own misfortune.  'Cause if nothing's your fault, then there's no way to fix anything.  If there's no way to fix anything, then nothing can get better.

And you keep losing.  You're a loser.

Now, in the grand tradition of the late Jeff Foxworthy--wait--you say he's not dead yet?  Oh well.  Anyway.

You just might be a loser if:

You think that the government could fix all of your problems, if only it would.

You think that the government causes all of your problems.

You think that TheCorporationsTM are causing all of your problems.

You think that FreeEnterpriseTM would solve all of your problems if only the government would let it "work".

You think that you're not as well off as you'd like to be because rich people and WallStreetTM won't play fair and share nicely with you.

You think that you'd live like a king if only you didn't have to pay taxes.

You think that you, and everybody, would live like at least a prince if only the government didn't spend money on the military.

You think that the government spends almost all of its money giving stuff to WelfareQueensTM and IllegalsTM, so they can live a life of luxury while not working.

You think that you can't find a job because rich people don't want you to have one so they shipped off all of the great jobs (like packing plastic forks and dismantling computers full of heavy metals) to China.

You think that you can't find a job because IllegalsTM are always taking the good ones.  Like digging ditches and weeding broccoli patches.

You think that there aren't any jobs because you don't like the jobs that are open.

You think that none of your problems are your own doing.

You think that violent revolt will result in a favorable outcome for you.

You think that camping out in a public park is an effective form of protest.

You think that all of those people camping out in the park should just go get a job.

You think that its OK to give up 'cause the system is totally rigged against you anyway.

You're very likely a loser if you think that political action can never result in favorable change because the system is rigged by Wall Street or the Liberal Media or The Corporations or The Illegals or The MIC or ACORN or...

But if you try, and still don't succeed, then maybe you're not a loser after all.